Friday, February 17, 2012

M36ABIT3: My 8-bit adventure!

I'm a musician. I have been for 56% percent of my life. In the last two years, my musical career has become increasingly exciting. I'm in a local band, Silent Havok, and we play 2-3 times a month localy, but also I have a solo project.

I go by M36ABIT3 (it's pronounced megabyte). M36ABIT3 is a chiptune/electronic project that I started about two years ago now. It started off as just a hobby. I got my first flash cart and loaded the popular chiptune program LSDj onto it. Using modded gameboys, I write my songs. Ever since I first discovered chiptune I have been hooked by it's nostalgic bleeps and bloops. I work to pump as much sound out of the little devices as I can. In some songs I use multiple gameboys at the same time. In my more recent songs I use a midi device that I rigged together to sync Ableton Live producing software on my laptop to my gameboys. In combination, I can really pump the bass through my laptop and still get all of the crazy 8-bit sounds that are iconic to retro gaming consoles.

Recently, I've joined the recently formed Fallen From Silence Records (AKA FFS Records). The labels compilation CD release party is tomorrow and I'm going to be performing! The label has a number of local DJ's and Producers that are going to be performing tomorrow night. There are going to be two stages and it's only $7! I'm ecstatic about this performance!

If you want to hear my music, I have all of my music up on soundcloud and if you like what you hear make sure to go "Like" my facebook page.