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Friday, February 10, 2012

Glitchboy: An Introduction to Rainmeter

There are not many easy ways to make a computer very eye appealing. The quickest and easiest ways a typical user tries to pretty up their computer is through their desktop. Most of you though have only scratched the surface of what can be accomplished.

I'm not saying the desktop shown above is for you but, if any one part of it appeals to you then this guide is for you.

I love customizing my desktop and it will be my goal from now on to pass that love on and to show you how to accomplish making astonishing desktops.

First off, we need to download a few things.
Skins (Optional)
Feeling unsure about your ability to do this? Try this skin first. It's super simple and enjoyed by many users.

1: Go ahead and install Rainmeter like you would any other application. (I would recommend reading through the guide before attempting to follow along.)

2: Let's familiarize ourselves with how rainmeter is customized. To start out, I want it to be made known that the best way to learn how to use rainmeter is to fiddle with it. You won't break anything. The worst thing that could happen is you remove what you've been working on and have to start over.

Use this picture to find the configs section in the rainmeter menu. Navigate to a skin set and then into a specific part of the set. It will look a bit like the applied skins in the picture to the left. It will insert the skin on your desktop. Now you can start customizing. Feel free to drag it anywhere on your screen. NOTE: If you are moving a thin object (Ex: A digital clock) you MUST start your click on the skin itself to interact with it.

3: That's about it. Pretty simple huh? There's a lot more you can do with rainmeter and I'll be sharing how to do those things in soon to come posts about my own creations and how to make them.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask.

I will be beginning two different series of posts after this one.
 Wallpapers: Self explanatory, I will share a small collection of desktop wallpapers I found interesting for the week.
Rainmeter: I will share guides for using rainmeter and examples of my creations.

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