Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ComtechyService: An Introduction

My contribution to this blog will be tech reviews, and my opinion on new technology, movies, and music.
Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a nerd, and have been since I was young. I started out dabbling in mechanics, then switched to electronics, then onto computers when I was 12. Started out on an old Gateway Pen 3 (my dad’s), then “upgraded” to my own Dual  Processor 333MHz Pentium II. I tried out many different operating systems, both Windows and Linux, but my favorite thing to do was to mod the registry and totally trick it out. I spent many years in XP, before finally upgraded to Windows 7 in 2009. (I will be writing a review on Windows 8, when it drops later this year.)
I have been building computers since I was thirteen, but probably my favorite case build/mod, was when I built everything into a “Semi truck”. Looked cool, with access to all the parts, functional lights (Status Lights) and the grill tilted down for the DVD drive. (My most current build is based on Sandy Bridge gaming rig, which I will be reviewing in a future post.)
I started my own computer business, Comtechy Computer Services in 2007. I do computer repair, new computer install, home electronics setup, tutoring, and more. This has not only be great experience for me, it has also been rather lucrative. (For more information about what I do, or how you can contact me, visit
I love music and am interested in many different genres. My favorite is Christian Rap, Hip Hop, and Rock. I also enjoy listening to Country, Classic, Celtic, and more.
As for movies, my tastes also very pretty widely, though I do really like action and suspense films. Dramas, comedies, a little romance, or whatever might be interesting, I’m up to watching.
I am REALLY looking forward to this years movie releases, many of which I will be review throughout the year.

I do PC game a fair amount when I can. I play Team Fortress 2, predominately, with other favorites including Portal & Portal 2, Assassins Creed II, Counter Strike, Plants vs Zombies, and sometimes League of Legends.
I will overview some of my game play, as well as talking about new games I that I try or am looking forwards to.
Other interests of mine are: being outdoors, investigating how stuff works, and reading! I read all the time, mainly computer and technology magazines, new feeds and more. Probably my favorite News sites are:,, and Though I also like good novels, adventure, mystery and fiction mainly.

So there’s a little bit about me. Hope you all enjoy my upcoming posts. Feel free to leave comments what you want to see in upcoming posts; I appreciate the feedback.

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