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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hi-Spot: iPhones or Androids

Smart phones have exploded in popularity in the last five years. With it, so have a wide variety of new products and technology. Some companies have reaped huge profits off this new area of marketing while others have slacked behind. So which of these is the best? Which should you avoid?

There have been many heated debates on which smart phone is the best. So which are usually the most discussed? The first few everyone should think about are the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. These are by far the most popular in terms of sales and discussion. But, for my own argument I will only be talking about the iPhone and Android because they are the leading sellers and Blackberry is generally used the most in a business environment.

The iPhone was the leading phone that revolutionized the smart phone movement. Before the iPhone, smart phones were only used by the rich and businesses. I believe that because of the iPhone and their growing popularity other companies started to reach out for the middle class and average person.

If you don’t quite believe me check out the “iPhone4 vs HTC Evo” video on YouTube (Warning: This video has strong language). To quickly summarize it though: A customer tries buying an iPhone 4 on launch date but every store is sold out, so, the salesman tries selling the HTC Evo to her instead. She is without a doubt buying an iPhone 4 on launch date though. The salesman promises that the phone is better in every way then adds in that it prints money and grants wishes even if one is for an iPhone 4 yet she still declines. This is obviously a funny exaggeration but holds quite a bit of truth when it comes to iPhone and Apple lovers.

The iPhone is now behind the curve though. Look at the technology, for the first few years they were leading in innovations and the general technology in mobile phones. But, now if you compare the iPhone to other leading phones you will see many of the same features like video calling, application download, high definition cameras, and service carriers to name a few, you will see that the iPhone is losing it’s edge. All iPhone video calls require wifi to even make the call despite their high speed data plans. On top of that, the video calls often times are of a very low quality and will cut out prematurely. The biggest thing that seemed to set the iPhone on top of all other smart phones was their very large “App Store”. Now this can’t even keep them ahead of the game. All other major smart phone operating systems have application stores to download anything a person could ever want. The Camera wasn’t ever a huge advancement in smart phone technology but it does go to show just how behind they are in their tech specs. An iPhone camera has a 5Mega-Pixel camera. The typical smart phone camera now has at least an 8Mega-Pixel camera but several of the top dollar smart phones are as high as 12Mega-Pixels. Now that’s something of advancement in mobile technology! A huge controversy over the iPhone was that it absolutely had to be under AT&T’s plans. The beginning of this year it was finally confirmed that Verizon will finally be included but in my opinion it’s already too late. The people who would’ve bought the iPhone with Verizon have already moved onto other smart phones that actually have service where they need it.

By now you’ve figured out that I’m pro Android but why? Android is what’s showing not only the initiative to be the best but is also showing that they have the capability of being the best. In 2010 they jumped from selling 3.5% of all smart phone sales in 2009 up to 25.5%. The iPhones sales drop from 17.1% to 16.7%. The Android OS is open source (“Meaning you can edit the code and do with it any way you wish basically”), Apple’s OS is not. Android can be found on many different phone carriers.

Now let’s compare the typical droid to the iPhone. The Apple App Store was all the rave when it first came out and until recently was the leading application store for mobile devices. Not anymore, the Android Market could be compared to be better in many aspects. The big ones being in pricing and applications for sale. In July 2010 a company named Distimo released a statement that said that the Android Market had the highest percentage of free applications for download with 57%. This is over double Apple’s App Store’s percentage of 28% of free applications. Well a first speculation one might make is that The App Store has been around much longer so must have more applications for download making that percentage unfair. Well, the App Store has been around longer, since July 10th, 2008 compared to the Android Market. But, what may surprise you is that the Android Market has been around since October 22nd, 2008. What I found surprising was that the Android Market is less than 100,000 applications behind despite it just becoming popular within the last year.

Our world is more and more moving towards high definition these days. Are our phones? If you have and iPhone you would have to say no. The story is a little different with the top of the line Androids though. 720p high definition pictures and video recording, and an average of 8Mega-Pixel but up to 12 Mega-Pixels. That’s better than many of your digital cameras you bought specifically to take pictures, this is just a package deal with the phone.

The best thing of all I think is Android is made by “Google!” Google has been growing like a tank flying down a mountain, every few months they introduce some form of innovation to improve our daily lives. I would put my money in a company like that to continue to be successful and push the limits of ordinary boundaries. Google sets the technological standards for most everything software related and their phone operating system shows the very same.

Thing is even all this said, my absolute love for Android and it’s rising popularity does not overcome just how sure I am about how over-rated the iPhone is. Buy and Android, boo the iPhone. All the cool kids are doing it.

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