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Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Droid is so Incredible: It can Swype to Type!

I posted a while back that I bought an HTC Droid Incredible. It's a load of fun and the most powerful piece of electronic computing in my house (Minus the game systems). I've messed with it enough now to have found a few cool things to do with it. My Droid is so Incredible, It can Swype to Type!

Swype is a fairly new application that's been gaining some popularity thanks to Android. Some have come pre-installed. Swype is an application you can install on most popular touch screen mobile operating systems. How it works is it takes the artificial line that you create through your finger swipes and guesses at the word you're trying to spell. It's extremely accurate even if you're not. Not only that but if it's hard enough for you to understand how it understands you it also spell checks and learns your unique words.

Getting it is easy for Droid users. They're giving away the beta for free for a limited time. Sign up here and you'll be able to download and install it within a few minutes


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