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Monday, February 7, 2011

Glitchit Reviews: Black Ops DLC: First Strike

So the new Map Pack DLC came out on the 1st for Xbox 360. Thought i'd throw out my opinion on it for anyone who was thinking about buying it.

Wait. See if the price goes down. $15 for 4 multiplayer maps and a zombies map. It seems like a bit much. They threw in a few new ideas that make the maps feel unique rather than just a different arrangement and new view. 

For example: The map Discovery:
A very beautiful map. It's twist on normal gameplay is you can destroy rocky bridges by using explosives.

Berlin Wall:

This is probably my favorite new map. It's twist to gameplay is limited room to move from different playing sides. You can see the slight walkway from one side to the other in the middle here. You will notice the barricades on each side of that small walkway. You can walk past those but the turret towers above will sound off and shoot you down instantly. This allows only the 3 small walkways to travel from side to side which makes for great territorial games.

A multi-layered map with an added zipline. Like all the other maps this one as well is beautiful, this is something they certainly got right.

Not a lot to say about this one. It's a fairly small and simple map. It has nice vantage points and can be difficult to play territory games seeing as it's quite open in the given territories.

Now if you were like me the main reason for wanting to buy this map pack was the new Zombies map: Ascension. It takes place at a Nazi missile base. New on this map are a few weapons, perks, and zombies.

Assault Rifles:

Sub Machine Guns:

Light Machine Guns:


Sniper Rifles:


Grim Repear

Gersh Device (Black Hole Bomb) 
Matryoshka Dolls: Throwable, springs more dolls out which all explode. 

Stamin-Up (Run Faster)
PhD Flopper (PhD standing for Dr. because of the soda theme for the perks. Dr. Pepper) (Drops a nuke when you dolphin dive or fall)

Monkeys (Comes in special rounds like the dogs)
Their special is that they steal your perks. Only after you have turned on the power will they appear. The sky will turn a hue of red and then they fall from the sky in crashed shuttles. They go towards the nearest one of your perk dispensers, only if you have bought one by that time and shake it until you lose your perk (the dispenser stays, you just lose your perk and will have to buy it again if you don't. The perk symbol will start flashing. After this it can take about 30 seconds before you lose the perk.

If anyone needs any help on getting the 4 achievements worth 150g then let me know. I got them all in one night.

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