Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ultrastatic: My Introduction

I love electronics, video games, and music.

My contribution to this blog will include League of Legends streaming with Glitchboy, featured case mods and various computer builds, electronics mods, and my spin on music.

Glitch and I play League together quite often and it only made sense to stream our favorite game. At the moment, I'm not really playing any other games. Between school, preparing for college, and writing music, I can get pretty busy. But, when I do get around to playing other games, I'll make sure to voice my opinions!

As far as electronics go, I've always had a curious interest for electricity and the integrated circuits hiding in everyday devices. I built my first gaming computer in ninth grade. Last year I designed a compact case mod disguised as a book case. I call it! ...THE BOOK CASE MOD!! Right now I'm in the process of designing an ultra compact all-in-one gaming pc which will at some point most definitely be featured in this blog. If you have any ideas for mods or pc builds be sure to leave a comment.
Also, I frequently mod Gameboys... Which, leads me into my final point of introduction!

I'm a musician. I've been playing piano for ten years now, drums for eight, and bass guitar for four. But, in the last two years, I've picked up a more unique instrument. The Nintendo Gameboy! I write music classified under the genre, Chiptune. I play shows locally and have been recently become affiliated with a local record label. My gameboy mods as well as my music and how it is made will be featured on this blog.

So that's me! Hope you are all as excited as I am to be apart of this blog! ^-^

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