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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oops! XD

Date: Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 1:22 PM

1:20 PM Steven: terese says hi
 me: Hi Ms Johnson :-)
1:21 PM Steven: kiss up
  that's from steven
  I said awwwwww
  how are you
 me: thanks steven
 Steven: are you enjoying your vacation?
 me: Feeling quite awesome thank you very much
  Having a blast
 Steven: super d duper
1:22 PM me: We had a halo party monday night
  it was shawn's invites only
 Steven: really
 me: sorry
 Steven: was it fun?
 me: Quite
 Steven: excellent
  I wasn't invited
 me: We only actually played together till about 1
 Steven: :(
 me: then we broke up into seperate games
 Steven: cool
 me: Shawn was the one doing the invites.
  Not me
1:23 PM Steven: well.. I will have to kiss up to him in the future :)
 me: If you feel like it. I hear he likes it right on the lips lover boy
 Steven: it's terese still dude
 me: 0.0
 Steven: ok, well... you have a good day now
1:24 PM now it will be steven
 me: Your display name is confusing me!
  Love you bye XD
 Steven: cause I hijacked Stevens account
 me: Byez

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